Saturday, October 19, 2013

When The Sun Shines

The morning started out foggy- love a foggy morning.
 Every Seattle-lite knows, when the sun shines, seize the moment. When it shines in October. . . seize it NOW. Soon it will start raining and it won't stop for months and months. Friday was a no school day for us, the forecast: sunny and 60 degrees. I wanted to hike, I love to hike. My kids don't, but I persevere. My mom said to me once, "all my kids complained about hiking, all my kids have grown up to be hikers." So I hold out hope that my forced marches up mountainsides will transform them into cheerful hikers someday. I mentioned wanting to hike on Friday to my husband and he got the day off work. I have been hankering to hike Mount Pilchuck ( for years. My 14 year old doesn't love watching the kids, but given the choice between a 6 mile hike and babysitting, well. . . So, magically, Friday morning found my husband and I hiking up Mount Pilchuck ALONE! Well, not alone, it was sunny in Seattle after all. But no one complained to us or called us "Mom" or "Dad". It was a glorious day and a gorgeous hike.

Climb these craggy boulders and you are there, with 360 degree views.
View from the top.

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