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This morning is Valentine's. I LOVE Valentine's. I love all the pink and red and little cards exchanged at school. I especially love the traditions I've established around this holiday with my family. But some of those traditions are changing, and just like the dark chocolate truffles I am sure to get today, it is bittersweet. 

I have three daughters and years ago, when my oldest was in 1st grade, I braided her hair into a heart. She was thrilled and practically floated into school, basking all day in the attention as people noticed her heart coiffed hair. And thus a tradition was born. I braced myself for Valentine's morning. Getting three little heads braided into a heart before school and preschool was, well, lets say we have a reliable record of tardies on Valentine's day. Can you imagine my relief at the ultrasound of my fourth child- a boy! Thank heavens!! Despite the stress in the morning, I have loved those heart braids. I have loved my girls enthralled lit…