Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pivotal Moment

I crave adventure. The best adventures, in my experience, are motherhood (or fatherhood) and travel. I spent six months living in China before I married and had kids. That experience transformed me and  I have dreamed of living abroad, in another culture, with my family for a year ever since. This fall something shocking happened. I dropped my oldest child off for her first day of high school. When I dropped her off for her first day of kindergarten nine years earlier I was thrilled, elated, overjoyed. She was too. We weren't enough for each other any more and we both new it. She didn't cry, she shooed me out the door. I didn't cry, I skipped out the door. High school was an entirely different matter. High school doesn't scare me, I wasn't worried about her, but I felt as if part of my soul departed that morning. Somehow it seemed to mark the beginning of the end of my journey raising her and it has been a magnificent journey. If it had slipped by this quickly with her, then my other three kids would be gone before I knew it too. What was I going to do with the four short years I had left with all my kids still home? Something grand! A year abroad!! If I am going to make it happen, I had better do it soon. Summer 2015 seems right. It gives me two years to plan, which I need (I am a planner).

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